Editing Tips

You’ve recorded all the content for your video.  Now how do you put it all together into a compelling story?  Watch this video for some editing tips that will help you determine what footage to include or exclude, give you a simple template for structuring your video, address ways to make the best use of music and b-roll, and more!

To review, remember to:

Only use the good stuff!  

Build a strong beginning, middle and end:

Start with something that’s going to grab your viewer. 

Fill out your message in the middle.

End with a strong closing scene, statement, or ask.  

Err on the side of short and powerful.  Leave your viewers wanting more.

Lay out your interview/spoken content first.

If people don’t say it well, help them say it better with judicious edits.

Then put in the cover shots or B-roll — shots that enhance your video.

For more on B-roll, check out this video:

B-roll video link here

Use the right music to support what’s happening on screen; don’t let it dominate like overly busy wallpaper!

Oh yeah, and did we point out that you should ONLY USE THE GOOD STUFF?