Framing and Rule of Thirds

Have you ever heard of the Rule of Thirds? Probably not. That’s why you’re here! To learn about it. It’s actually a pretty simple theory that helps you frame your subject in an aesthetically pleasing way. The Rule of Thirds has to do with how the frame can be divided into, you guessed it –thirds. And in one of those thirds painters or photographers — or in this case videographers — will place their subject. Check out the images below to see what this looks like.

The Rule of Thirds

Now, please keep in mind that although this is called a ‘Rule’, it’s really more of a guideline. No one is going to scold you for not following the RULE OF THIRDS. But it can help your image look more appealing to the viewer. An easy way to follow the rule of thirds is by using a grid on your viewer. Like this! 

Your goal is to place your subject – the individual or object that you want the viewer’s eye to gravitate toward – where the horizontal and vertical lines intersect

Examples of the Rule of Thirds

Let’s use this shot of an event with the grid on as an example. In this image, the eyes are lined up on the horizontal line, and the body is split down the middle by the vertical. This makes the frame more interesting and pleasing to the viewer. 

An easy way to accomplish the Rule of Thirds is by placing your subject in this (or a?) spot where the lines of the grid intersect. 

FUN FACT: Photographers call this intersection the “crash point” (just a weird way photographers talk about the spot where the lines of the grid intersect).  Keep in mind that if you’re doing an interview, you probably want to have each of your subject’s eyes on one of the vertical lines.

And there you have it! The Rule of Thirds. Pretty cool, right?